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Big Memories & Milestones.

Children and infants grow up fast and share so many amazing memories with their parents. I will capture these moments in a safe, intimate and modern way so that they will be cherished for generations. Using the latest photographic equipment allows for completely silent shooting to capture those precious moments without distractions.

Session Features

How to prepare for your session


What are Professionally edited photos?2020-03-01T12:57:04+09:00

All photos in come with a basic edit of cropping and exposure. In contrast, professionally edited photos are photos that get detailed retouching such as more detailed exposure edits, removing distracting background elements, removing any major skin blemishes (if requested), and professional color corrections for perfect skin colors.

Why are your prices lower than studios?2020-03-01T12:57:03+09:00

My prices are lower due to the fact that I do not have a studio location or have a closet of rental clothes, which would rise my costs considerably. To keep prices low and affordable, I meet with my clients at a location of my client’s choice to create stunning images there.

Where are good places to pick for a photo location?2020-03-01T12:57:03+09:00

Depending on the amount of people, I recommend the following locations. Your home (if clean and tidy) any parks, temples, beaches, or natured areas. During hot and cold seasons, I highly recommend indoor locations such as your house or a temple or open air museums that allows photography.

What if I can’t think of a location?2020-03-01T12:57:03+09:00

No problem, I have lots of location ideas for any occasion. Let’s work together to pick the perfect spot.

What should we wear?2020-03-01T12:57:03+09:00

Depending on the season and type of photos that you are requesting, let’s work together to put together your perfect outfit for your photos. I highly recommend color and style coordination.

Can I get a refund for the booking fee?2020-03-01T12:57:03+09:00

Of course! Please use the following to see how you can get a refund.

3+ days before the photo shoot: 100% refund
2+ days before the photo shoot: 50% refund
24 hours before the photo shoot: 25% refund
Same day as the photo shoot: 0% refund

Can I reschedule my photoshoot?2020-03-01T12:57:03+09:00

Of course, however it depends on my other client’s schedule. I will try my best to reschedule the time and date that you want.

How can I pay?2020-03-01T12:57:03+09:00

I currently accept Cash (Yen Only), PayPal, American Express, Visa, JCB, and Paypay.

Do you have any booking requirements?2020-03-12T14:26:30+09:00

After working together to find the perfect time, date and location I require a 50% deposit of the shoot. Due to the high volume of clients, this deposit is required to hold your reservation.

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